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The Boreas CryoScout monitoring system is a patented, revolutionary weight-based system comprised of 3 components: a weighing platform, a tank module, and a cloud-based monitoring portal.

Weighing Platform
The weight-based remote monitoring system developed by Boreas provides real-time data on the amount of liquid nitrogen present in the tanks, ensuring that the biological materials stored within are kept at optimal conditions. The system is equipped with precision sensors that accurately measure the weight of the tanks and transmit this information to a monitoring platform.

Tank Module
The tank module ensures uninterrupted data transfer between the scale and the portal by utilizing cellular LTE connectivity. It detects abnormal weight levels and loss and incorporates both audible and visual indicators to assist lab personnel in recognizing a malfunctioning tank.

The Portal
Through the portal, users can access comprehensive data on liquid nitrogen levels, ambient temperature of the tanks, and other vital parameters. The platform offers real-time alerts and notifications, enabling timely intervention in case of any deviations or anomalies. This ensures that potential issues such as excessive evaporation or missed fill cycles are promptly addressed, minimizing the risk of damage to valuable biological materials.

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How CryoScoutâ„¢
remote monitoring works

Our weight-based monitoring system sends data and alerts to a local gateway. The gateway then pushes data to the cloud and secure servers.

Alerts and data will push to the remote monitoring site through our cloud-based system. Alerts will be local and sent via SMS, email and automated phone call.

U.S. Patent 10,753,821: 2020

We watch over those contents.
Ever-present and vigilant.
Guarding and protecting them like they were our own.
Keeping them safe and eliminating the burden of tank management.
So that you, and your precious specimens can

sleep well.