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The Boreas CryoScout monitoring system is a patented, revolutionary weight-based system comprised of 4 components: a scale, a tank module, a gateway, and a cloud-based monitoring service.

Scale & Module
The scale measures the weight of LN tanks up to 150 lbs. The tank module resides internally within the scale and communicates with the gateway to transmit data. In coordination with the remote networking site, the transmitted data is analyzed for various alarm conditions. The scale has audible and visual indicators to quickly alert the user and then direct them to the correct LN tank if an alarm condition is active.

The gateway unit serves as an interface between the scale and remote networking site. It is responsible for collecting data from multiple scales and transmitting via ethernet or wifi to the cloud. It is also capable of capturing user inputs from the remote networking site and pushing configuration to the scales. In the event of loss of internet, the gateway will store all collected data until it can be sent to the cloud.

Remote networking site
The site allows users to access and view each tank’s status and data remotely. Users are able to configure tank specifications, phone trees, and alarm responses by organization, location or group. The dashboards display tank information, current alarm status, and historical data for QA/QC reporting.

How CryoScout™
remote monitoring works

Our weight-based monitoring system sends data and alerts to a local gateway. The gateway then pushes data to the cloud and secure servers.

Alerts and data will push to the remote monitoring site through our cloud-based system. Alerts will be local and sent via SMS, email and automated phone call.

U.S. Patent 10,753,821: 2020

We watch over those contents.
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Keeping them safe and eliminating the burden of tank management.
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