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CryoScout™ remote monitoring.
Weight-based. Worry-free.

Weight-based accuracy
Our revolutionary weight-based and patented CryoScout™
monitoring system means fewer errors and higher reliability vs temperature based or level-based systems.

Long battery life allows for continuous monitoring even when power sources are disrupted, hence no interruption of data with a rechargeable battery life of six months. No need to be plugged into an outlet. Tanks can be stored anywhere in the lab, office, or other location.

Real-time & remote 24/7
Our system’s user-friendly, cloud-based application provides accurate, real-time remote monitoring of tanks at all of your locations. The CryoScout remote-monitoring system constantly evaluates tank health and integrity. Alerts are transmitted via SMS, e-mail, or phone call, and responses can be viewed in real-time on your phone or computer, allowing you to actively monitor the status of alarms.

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